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What is Coaching?

" You cannot teach a person. You can only help him discover it within himself."

Galileo Galilei


Coaching is a guided change process. Guided means: You are not alone but have competent support. Change means getting from A to B. The process is the path that you cover. There can be unexpected difficulties, and this is exactly where you get my individual support. I help you activate the solution that you already have within you. The solution is always up to you. My task is to enable you to get out of the hamster wheel of a problem through neutral support and gentle guidance to find your way to your desired change.  


During the coaching process, unconscious values, potentials and needs are explored and conscious goals and resources are derived from them.  

How does a coaching work?

It's a clear, transparent process. I offer the framework and ask the right questions that will help you and give impulses for clarification. 

In a free 30-minute conversation, we first clarify whether coaching is something for you and whether the chemistry between us is right. 

In the first session you come with a topic or a very specific question.

Together we determine the goal of the session or process and, if necessary, milestones. 

We look at what resources you already bring with you and uncover even more.

Then we take a closer look at what possible obstacles could be that prevent you from reaching your goal. 

If available, we also resolve unconscious inner voices of criticism, hidden beliefs and unconscious fantasies so that your energy can flow freely into your goal.

Together we will draw up a concrete plan of how and when you want to achieve your goals.

You leave the coaching with a feeling of freedom and have a clear and personal plan of action to implement your goals.

What do I get from coaching?

Above all, clarity. You get an overview of complex topics or questions, you become clear about what you already have available for the solution or possibly still need, you know where you can get these resources from, you have clarity about what could prevent you from the solution and how you can deal with it, and in the end you have a clear plan of action in hand. 

All of this releases energy for action and gives you courage and self-confidence to implement it in everyday life.  

What is the difference to psychotherapy or counseling?

In psychotherapy , research is mainly done in the past. In coaching we are consistently solution and future-oriented. We too look at blockages that may have come from the past and we can address many of them with modern methods, but we are not therapists. We refer people with deeper psychological problems to qualified specialists with whom we work. This is what our code of honor as coaches and our responsibility to you dictate.

Consulting provides you with RAT shock. As coaches, we are deeply convinced that you already have your solution within you. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to inform you or help you to get information. But we never tell you what we think you should do. Your free will is paramount, and your responsibility for your life is always entirely yours.  

You have my full support and you have my entire repertoire of methods at your disposal. Of course, you will always receive all the important information relating to your topic. But you will not get any advice from me, because only you know what is right for you at any given time. I enable you to discover this in coaching.  

How many sessions do I need?

Nobody knows in advance. In the first session we determine your goal together, and from this we derive the required number of sessions together. I can assure you that we plan as few sessions as possible, but as many as necessary. Ultimately, however, you always decide how long you want to take advantage of my offer.

For larger goals or life issues, several sessions are usually spread over a longer period of time, as this includes deeper and more far-reaching changes. 

When we come to an agreement, we make a small contract to set out the agreements and cancellation conditions.  

What does coaching cost and how do I pay?

The prices vary depending on the offer. You can find them under my respective offers . 

You will receive a PayPal link that you can use to make your payment. Or cash or by twint. 

Coaching is not recognized by health insurance companies. If price is an issue for you, let's talk. 

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