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Hi this is me Karin


My vision?

Leaving the world a little better behind every day.  


Self development is one of the three great core values in my life, along with the search for knowledge and the life of love. These values guide me through sunny and stormy times.  

Many strokes of fate and challenges in life have shown me very early and again and again how important it is to have an inner compass of values in order to transform painful experiences into strength and joie de vivre. I am happy to pass on what has helped me with my heart, mind and passion. I help people to find their true selves in a complex, accelerated world with overstimulation and information overload and to live accordingly.

This is what my clients say:


  • Child and youth coach i. A. and my project:  TheHeartSpace

  • Practitioner Logosynthesis ®

  • Instructor Logosynthesis ®

  • Trauma-sensitive coaching

  • Further training in trauma, attachment behavior, autism spectrum disorders, AD (H) D, shadow work

  • Cert. Integral Coach Institute Living Sense

  • Cert. Life Purpose Coach

  • Cert. Existential Well-Being Counselor, University of Leiden

  • Supervisor of the HEART project

  • Course leader at the University of Zurich (support for gifted primary school children)

  • Lateral entry and teaching as a primary school teacher (not completed)

  • English trainer in a business context

  • Adult educator SVEB1

  • MA in English Linguistics and Literature Studies, Religious Studies, Philosophy

  • Cantonal high school for adults KME

  • KV travel agency
  • 1969

That's what my clients say
about my work

"Karin accompanied me during several sessions in a phase of professional reorientation, but also coached me in individual sessions before different, specific occasions. Tools not only suited me very well, but also led to positive results and lasting changes. The way in which Karin combined physical and breathing exercises with conversation always had a striking, lasting effect. Sensitive, with heart and a lot of skill Karin gave me exactly the support I needed and I still had the feeling that I could go my own way. I was impressed by how quickly she introduced me to the relevant topics, enabled me to take a close look and guide me in the change process. Anyone who wants to break old patterns and want to move forward is with Karin in competent, safe hands. "


Thank you Karin for your coaching session! How lost you are sometimes in your own thoughts and in what you think you have to do! I really needed a direction and had to find out what I really want in order to advance professionally. Whether I will then succeed is another question. Basically, however, I have enough energy - just "straightening out" the same and admitting my own needs, wishes and dreams - these are the topics for which you gave me space in one hour of consultation. You gave me the opportunity to organize my thoughts by asking the right questions. Thanks a lot for this!


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