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What is Logosynthesis ® ?

Logosynthesis ®  is a new, comprehensive system for personal development. It is used in psychotherapy, coaching, counseling and education - and as an aid to self-help. The model supports people in finding their deeply personal path in life. Logosynthesis ® is simple, easy, effective and easy to communicate. The system contains a model, change principles and concrete interventions.

Logosynthesis ® is based on the integration of concepts from many schools of change: psychoanalysis, NLP, hypnotherapy, transactional analysis and energy psychology. Experts from different directions therefore recognize the principles of their own school in Logosynthesis ® . However, the combination of the operating principles is surprising and unique.

Logosynthesis ® is embedded in a coherent, comprehensive image of man: people are more than body and psyche. A soul, a higher self, an essence is part of the human experience. This essence gives meaning to our life.

The body and mind are tools that shape our lives. Many tend to identify with these instruments. They believe they are their emotions, their suffering, their thoughts, their needs. Unpleasant experiences, stressful memories, limiting beliefs and the associated reactions are stored in our energy field. Similar events and encounters reactivate these limiting patterns. By pronouncing specific sentences out loud, these energy structures are dissolved. These sentences have an ordering and liberating effect. The client immediately feels relieved, the stressful images and reactions are energetically exhausted. The energy is flowing and in the right place.

Logosynthesis ® helps to re-establish one's connection with the essence and thus to find a deeper meaning in life.

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You would like to know and experience what Logosynthesis ® is (no prerequisite except for interest and curiosity:  Come to my individual coaching , attend a lecture with a demonstration or book my self-coaching course with Logosynthesis ®


Further information:

Logosynthesis international association LIA

What is Logosynthesis ® ? The model is a support in finding your personal path in life. Description as PDF under

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