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Karin Athanasiou

consistently essential

Coach for Inner Freedom

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More serenity through inner freedom.
Inner freedom through coping with emotional stress.

I love helping people live their full potential and find their inner freedom.


Between stimulus and reaction is yours  Freedom.  

You already have all the solutions in you - I will only help you to find them, and any emotional blockages that prevent you from resolving quickly, completely and finally with Logosynthesis ®.

With modern methods to the goal.

Change yourself, and everything else changes with it. 

You know what your next goal is.
You know how to achieve it.
You have your emotional obstacles along the way
then dissolved. 

You have more inner freedom and options for action.

What do you get from coaching?



My quiet, bright coaching room is there  

at the

Fabrikstrasse 50, 8005 Zurich

not far from  

Josefswiese and Röntgenplatz.

And of course also by zoom.

Just call:

076 335 15 40

or write me an email:

Sent! You will hear from me shortly.

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